• The bench top will tilt from flat to almost 90°.

•The bench top will rotate through a full 360° in 45° increments.

•The bench weighs around 140 pounds, but might weigh less if lighter wood is used. Weight can also be added to the lower legs if so desired.

•The bench can be disassembled for moving into six pieces - two sets of legs, a pair of cross members, the tilting mechanism and the bench top. It can be separated into two components for carrying - the bench top assembly and the stand assembly.

•You can use fancy metal hinges, or make your own wooden hinges for the bench top.

•Other than bolts, screws and a metal spring, there is no need to use any other material than wood for this project. Even the steel rod in the locking mechanism can be replaced with a hardwood dowel.

•The power equipment used in this project is common to many shops.

A great workshop project!

Tilting Carvers Bench Plans


Available for download in Hi-Res PDF format.

Tilting Carvers

Bench Plans

$15 US

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